Why Choose Our Puppy?


We are focused on breeding genetically healthy, family companion dogs with good temperaments that are both non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.
Our dogs are integral members of the family and participate in all of our four season activities, from running through the peony fields, to diving and swimming in the lake, to long winter hikes, city walks and playing in the park.

We dedicate a lot of time to the puppies thus ensuring that you will receive a loved, happy, confident and well socialized pup that is ready to join you and your family. We spend the first weeks in the puppy room to support mum and monitor the puppies daily to ensure that they are developing well.
A lot of time is spent playing with the puppies and introducing them to different toys, tasks as well as gradually exposing them to new environments.  
Over the weeks, we get to know the puppies' temperaments which then allows us to better match the pup to the right family.

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