Guardian Requirements

The guardian puppy is part of the guardian home forever. However, the breeding rights of the puppy remain with Westmount Australian Labradoodles under contract.
We will DNA test ALL of our puppies before they leave us so that we can best plan breeding a partner for the dogs.

The girls: At approximately one year of age, we will complete a health test with our veterinarian. Your girl might have to spend a few days with us so that we can complete all health and temperament testing. No labradoodle will have a litter prior to her first birthday. It will be important that you inform us of every heat cycle. We contract our girls for a maximum of four litters. After the four planned litters, the girl will be desexed and retired from our breeding program. All breeding expenses will be at our cost.

The boys: At approximately one year of age, we complete health and temperament testing. The boy will need to spend a few days with us as we will need the boy for mating purposes only. At times, the boy might be needed for semen collection for the purpose artificial insemination.
Once this is achieved, the boy is returned to the guardian family. However, should we notice other issues with the dog, he may have a sleep over for follow-up. Should the boy not obtain the test results as expected, he will be desexed and retired from our breeding program at our expense.
We will explain to every guardian family the details of the program. Variations do exist and we try to tailor our requirements to suit everyone.

Additional considerations for the guardian family:

The guardian family is valued as an important facet of our breeding program.
We require that:

  • You must live within an hour of Lachute, Quebec.
  • Provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment for the girl/boy.
  • Have a securely fenced garden.
  • All breeding rights are retained by Westmount Australian Labradoodle and it is essential that the girl be kept safe during the breeding cycle and the boy be kept away from any females.
  • Ensure that any other dog living in the same home be spayed/neutered, unless it is a breeding Westmount Australian labradoodle.
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