Adopting a puppy

Please note that our litters are fully booked until 2022.
Please contact us in December 2021 for the following year's puppies -
thank you.

Our puppies come from a lineage of premium, multigenerational labradoodles that are health tested and ALAA registered. Our primary concern is to ensure that our labradoodles are in the best of health and temperament and will live long and fulfilled lives with their adopted families.

At Westmount Labradoodles, we test our puppies between four and six weeks of age for temperament.  This allows us to understand each puppy's personality and to better match the dog with the information you provide us on your application form.

We cannot guarantee a puppy's coat colour as it may change as the Labradoodle matures.

Westmount Labradoodles reserves the right to refund the progress payments and to cancel your reservation should we not feel comfortable selling you a puppy after our evaluation to the day that the puppy leaves with you for his new home.

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