About us

Three years ago we adopted Filou, a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. We now cannot imagine our lives without this wonderful companion. Filou is loving, intelligent, non-shedding and allergy friendly.  My husband felt we could never have a dog because of his allergies. With this special breed, we found the answer to the ideal family dog.

Filou's loving demeanor, eagerness to learn, happy nature and wavy fleece coat melts everyone's hearts.   

We are a small family breeder of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles and we are dedicated to our furry members of the family as well as committed advocates for this wonderful breed. We spend much time planning every step of our breeding program and strive for the best health and temperament for the breed.

We own an organic farm, nestled in the spectacular Rouge River Valley that is in close proximity to Montreal and Ottawa. We also have a home in the city, thus our dogs have the benefit of exercise in the open fields and all the stimulation and socialization of city life.

I have recently retired and I care for the dogs on a full-time basis. I worked for over thirty years as a rehabilitation specialist, teaching blind people navigation skills with both the white cane and guide dogs. My experience with guide dogs has allowed me to develop an intricate understanding of canine behavior and the emotional value of therapy dogs. My husband balances his work load with his love for the Labradoodles, outdoor activities and nature.